2014 Conn Classic - Team Photos

Find all the team photos in high definition for the 2014 Conn Classic by clicking "read more" below.

Due to file size limitations on emails, this is the best place to get the highest quality version of your team photo.

You can download the photo to your PC as well as share it on Facebook right from the gallery!

Friday BBQ

Bobby Walker (Shop Foreman) and Mike Harshman (Chief Estimator) are manning the grill for one of Commercial Door's BBQ Fridays.

Customers are welcome to grab a bite if they happen to be in the neighborhood!

2013 Conn Classic - Thank You!

Thank you all for coming out to the 2013 Conn Classic!

We had a great turnout and everyone that came out made sure it was a good time.

We'll be updating the website with photos from the event and everyone should have received their team photos at this time.